Hangzhou Queenhe Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Hangzhou Queenhe Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: Pet Training Pad / Dog Snuffle Mat / Pet Bed / Dog Car Seat Cover / Dog Diaper
Ranked #6 best sellers in Pet Mats & PadsQuality management certifiedCompetitive OEM factoryGlobal export expertiseFinished product inspection

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Hangzhou Queenhe Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
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Amazon FBA Beginner Guide


If you is planning to open a store on Amazon or you just had one own Amazon store, please follow us, we will help you solve the problem of delivering goods to Amazon FBA warehouse. You only need to place orders with us. ALL other things will be handled by us.



1.Rich Amazon FBA Experiences

We have over 5 years of Amazon FBA experiences. If youre a beginner of Amazon, just to contact us, we will help you grow your business very quickly.




2.Fulfillment By Amazon(FBA) Shipment Ways


You can choose the suitable shipment way based on your needs. We have stable and long-term cooperation logistics chains, and guarantee that the goods can be delivered to Amazon FBA warehouse on time and in good condition.


If youd like to know FBA price, just to let us know the zip code of Amazon FBA warehouse, we will give you the best DDP price.



3.Amazon FBA Transit Time




4.FBA Labels

When your order is ready, we will inform you the goods details. You need to create the FBA labels with Amazon, and send them to us. We will affix them on cartons.




5.Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements

  • Carton must be rigid with flaps intact
  • Not any other shipping labels on carton
  • The weight of carton should not exceed 22.5KGS
  • The size of either side of carton must not exceed 63.5CM




6.Dimensional Weight Calculation

For air shipment or courier express, the chargeable weight is based on the bigger weight between actual weight and dimensional weight.




7.Amazon Policies & Requirements




8.Amazon FBA Warehouse Network